A volunteer search for the seven missing Seacor crew members continues while a cloud of accusations lingers from the United Cajun Navy.

Earlier this month there was a falling out between a group of volunteers and the UCN which has now led to president Todd Terrell taking legal action against two key volunteers. The United Cajun Navy leader filed a protective order this week in East Baton Rouge Parish accusing Christifer DeRouen of cyberstalking and extortion, claiming that the search volunteer attacked him on social media and through text messages.

Terrell also accused Scott Daspit (father of missing Seacor crew member Dylan Daspit) of cyberstalking, saying that he worked in harmony with DeRouen to "extort money from him" over their demand to see donations that they claim Terrell wasn't being fully transparent about.

You can catch up on all of the details surrounding Terrell's legal filing here, but DeRouen has already fired back on social media, disputing the United Cajun Navy leader in a Facebook Live video.

DeRouen played recorded phone conversations that included Terrell and also shared screengrabs on social media that further questioned the use of donations.

Up to this point, the back and forth between the volunteers and the United Cajun Navy has taken place on Facebook, but now things have spilled over into the courtroom. Nevertheless, volunteers say this will not slow their search for the missing Seacor crew members that continues under a new non-profit.

Terrell told NOLA.com that people who donated to the UCN for Seacor search efforts have requested approximately $100,000 in refunds.

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