For those of us that follow real college football we know the best teams, players and coaches are in the SEC, that is a fact. Look at the blow outs in this  years bowl games but as big and powerful as the LSU's Alabama's Floridas's and even Mississippi State's are there was one final test for the SEC and the champion Auburn Tigers. The cliche' a game of inches was never more evident than last night in the BCS Title game. Was he down? Wasn't he down? You can see the video and the slow motion replays right here. Regardless it's Auburn with the Crystal Football this year.

As thoroughly as the Tigers seemed to dominate the nation's most prolific attack, though, in the end, the difference between effectively clinching a championship and rolling the dice in overtime came down to this question: Was Dyer's knee or wrist down on the 37-yard run that put Auburn in position for the game-winning field goal with two minutes to play? It was so close, even Dyer didn't seem to know before teammates egged him to keep running

See this outstanding athletic play and a great job of making the right call on the part of the officials when you click below.

(via Video: Michael Dyer stays on his feet (probably) to clinch Auburn's elusive national championship - Dr. Saturday - NCAAF  - Yahoo! Sports.)