Corporate greed is something that we hear far too much about. The big companies wanting to get bigger on the backs of regular folks like you and I. Among the large corporations that seem to have us by the short hairs are airlines. We now get dinged $25 bucks if we want to do something silly like bring a suitcase on our trip. We get dinged $50 for some clerk to click a computer program to put us on a different flight. The airlines for the most part fail miserably in customer service. But this is Christmas and it's a time for miracles.

WestJet is a budget air carrier that serves mainly Canada. They do offer flights to the United States but their mission is to offer low priced fares from destinations north of the American border. I have never flown WestJet airlines but I would be willing to travel to Canada just to give them my business after seeing this wonderful holiday video.

At the departure airport a video conference is set up with Santa. Santa amazes everyone with his uncanny ability to know passenger's names. I think it might have something to do with the scanning of the boarding pass and Santa's magical knowledge of everyone.  Santa asks the passenger's what they might like for a Christmas surprise. Little do these passengers know that Santa has an amazing ground crew at WestJet in the arrival city.

This video will make you smile. It actually made me tear up just a little. Perhaps there is still a little bit of good left in the world and not all corporations are consumed with the almighty dollar. Nice job WestJet, I doubt we will send you very much business from down here in South Louisiana but you never know what kind of miracles might happen at Christmas.

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