Last Friday there was a special swearing-in ceremony in Livingston Parish. That swearing-in event was a private event for Sheriff Jason Ard. It was attended by a limited number of people but several dignitaries were on hand. Among those attending, Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy and American Idol winner, and Livingston Parish resident Laine Hardy.

It was after that event on Saturday that Hardy revealed he had been diagnosed with COVID-19. This has led to concerns that Senator Cassidy as well as Sheriff Ard and others might need to take precautions since they were at the same event in which Hardy performed the National Anthem.

Lori Steele is the Public Information Officer for the Livingston Parish Sheriff's Department and she told

The sheriff has no concerns at this time, It was a private event (due to coronavirus guidelines). There was no meet-and-greet or mixture with the deputies or any of the guests.

Steele said that she and her colleagues were unaware that Hardy had been tested and they found out that he had tested positive as everyone else did on Sunday.

Cole Avery, Senator Cassidy's Press Secretary, explained why the Louisiana Senator is not too concerned about being at the same event as Hardy.

Senator Cassidy practiced social distancing at the event and wore a mask, except for one brief moment to take a photo after Laine left the venue. Since Senator Cassidy followed social-distancing guidelines, there is no need for him to quarantine. Sen. Cassidy wishes Laine a speedy recovery.

As do we, let's hope that Laine and anyone else who is dealing with a positive diagnosis for COVID-19 recovers completely and quickly. And kudos to the planners of this particular event. It just goes to show you that with a little forethought we can still gather together, maintain our social spacing, enjoy ourselves, stay safe, and still have a good time.


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