Shaquille O'Neal is a gigantic Peter Pan if you ask me. He is truly the boy who never grew up. Okay, physically Shaq has grown more up than most of us could do in two lifetimes but his playful demeanor and seemingly childlike innocence have made me more of a fan of him than of his ability to play basketball.

Recently the former NBA star, current TV analyst, and pitchman for car insurance and body powder acquired a new yacht. It's one heck of a boat and Shaq wanted your help in naming it.

The response on Shaq's Facebook page was incredible. Literally, thousands of people wanted to help this gentle giant name what he called "his new toy". Well, one Facebook "friend" unleashed a savage suggestion that even Shaq had to smile about.

Facebook user Andy Yang commented

Well, that burned a little, didn't it? Perhaps a little powder can help soothe the sting. Instead of going all "celebrity" Shaq appears to have taken the suggestion in stride and with his typical sense of humor.

All I can say is nicely done on both accounts. Who knew that people on social media could be so funny without a war of words erupting. I guess it can be done. Especially when your heart and your sense of humor appears to be as big as Shaquille O'Neal.

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