You might not have the resources to do something financially (and we all know we are suppose to be staying at home!), but we're going to do something Friday night, April 10 to show our appreciation for healthcare workers.

The idea started with a suggestion from Bonnie Robert Will after seeing a post from another community. We're hoping that you will join us. The sun will set at 7:33 p.m.

We're calling it Share the Light for Healthcare Workers.

Friday night, we are asking people to step out onto their driveways at 7:30 with a form of light. Maybe you even want to set up a luminary bag. Now, we recommend something that doesn't have a flame for obvious reasons, but you can use whatever is available to you.

You can use a candle, one of those non-flame flickering candles, or even just the cigarette lighter app on your phone or the flashlight on your phone.

The whole point is to have Acadiana join together at one point to share in at least a moment of appreciation for what healthcare workers are doing in battling COVID-19. For that matter, the idea of sharing the light is about love and appreciation for all first responders and anyone who needs to feel the light of love right now.

We also hope that you will take that moment of reflection to be grateful for everything that we currently have and to say a prayer for those who are in any kind of need right now. There are so many people suffering, and often, they suffer in silence.

It's a way to connect. We can't go around hugging each other, but we can all join together at one point to show these frontline workers how much we appreciate everything they are doing for the community.

There are a tremendous amount of selfless people all across Acadiana tending to the sick (in the case of healthcare workers), helping to feed people in our region, taking care of someone who is taking care of another (in the case of healthcare workers).

Take a picture of your light, share your light, go live on Facebook, look around your neighborhood to see your neighbors doing it too, so that you know we are all connected, even if we are apart. Post it on our "Share the Light" event page so that these healthcare workers will know we appreciate their sacrifices.

Depending on your source of light, you might even leave it out there all night.

To the men and women who are truly doing God's work, thank you for tending to the sick. It's no accident that we picked Good Friday to do this. At some point, we will be able to roll the stone away and see a brighter tomorrow, and in the meantime, please let your light shine. I can guarantee you healthcare workers (and their families along with all the support personnel) are letting their light shine for all of us, and for some people, that beautiful light will be the last they see on this earth.


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