There is a place on the internet called Reddit. It is a site filled with thinkers who think in different ways than most regular people do. One of the best places for unique ideas on Reddit is a subreddit called ShowerThoughts.

This is where people offer to the readers online the kinds of thoughts that most of us have while taking a shower. I find these thoughts, funny, intriguing, mind boggling, and great fodder for conversation. If you're looking to be the life of you're next gathering try sharing some of these unique ideas with the people in your social circle.

1.This Mother's Day was Bruce Jenner's first Mother's Day.

2. Chuck E. Cheese is like a casino for kids

3. School only teaches you the answer to questions, life teaches you to ask them.

4. Hug someone today, because that person might be me and I need it.

5. I'm pretty sure Chad is the douchiest name someone could have

6. It's hard to win an argument with a smart person but it's damn near impossible to win an argument with a stupid one.

Those are just some of the unique Showerthoughts that caught my mind today. I was wondering what you thought about each of them? Do you plan to send this article to a friend whose name is Chad? Did you think #4 was about yourself? How many times will you find yourself caught in the situation of #6? Did the Bruce Jenner thought creep you out just a little?

It's a shame more of us don't allow ourselves the time to think these unique thoughts all the time. Maybe you do but you just don't write them down. Don't ask me why I keep a notepad in the shower, you aren't prepared to have that answer explained just yet.


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