Thanksgiving 2020 is only a couple of weeks away and with the first ten months of 2020 as prologue, why would anyone be surprised that the virus is messing up another major part of our lives, the holidays?

It seems that almost nowhere - except Coronavirus restriction outlier Florida - that annual Thanksgiving get-togethers could be safe. But there are places where the restrictions that are put on families will be more oppressive than others.

A lot of suggestions start at the top, like the Federal Center for Disease Control, who is urging things like outdoor meals, limited guests, no sharing food and single-use plates and utensils. But a number of states across the country have takes Washington's "suggestions" and made them the rule of law, to the point where you wonder if you should just do Thanksgiving 2020 via Zoom.

So, here they are: The states that seem to be trying to make Thanksgiving so problematic that folks will probably decide it's to big a pain and cancel...which is probably the entire idea.

States That Have All But Cancelled Thanksgiving

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