I find that Saturday Night Live can be very much hit or miss. Sometime I'm laughing my butt off and other times, eh, not so much.

And over the years they've tried to poke fun at us here in south Louisiana. Again, some were funny ("Cajun Man" with Adam Sandler) and others, not at all ("Maine Injustice" about five years ago).

On last night's episode, the good comedians at SNL hit right to the heart of Acadiana, in a ditty called "Bayou Benny's Liberal Lagniappe".

The bit starts out indicating it's a show on AOC in Lafayette, Louisiana. Of course, we actually do have an Acadiana Open Channel.

The skit features Beck Bennett as Bayou Benny, Seth Meyers as himself and a few other characters including an alligator, a pepper and Taylor Swift (Heidi Gardner).

Personally, I thought it was mildly funny at best. But, you be the judge for yourself.

The big question for me is always: "As someone from Acadiana, does this offend you?"

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