Social media has been buzzing today of voters with their "I Voted" sticker to show their pride that they voted and to encourage others who haven't to go out cast their ballot.

And then there was a plethora of others who did vote but didn't receive their badge of honor and were none too happy about such an omission in their lives.

The horror!

In all seriousness, I can dig it. The "pro-sticker" side wants to do exactly what I mentioned already -- to persuade as many as possible to get out and rock the vote before the polls close.

Others who could give a care are indifferent as to why this is such a big topic of discussion.

When it comes down to it in Louisiana, the reason stickers weren't handed out at some polling places came down to money.

The Secretary of State's office confirmed that stickers were never part of the plan of this year's election due to budgetary constraints. In 2016 when the state whipped out the "Blue Dog" stickers for the presidential election, that came at a cost of $20,000 to the state.

My vote is to save that money and fill a couple of potholes or dig some ditches. Ahh, who am I kidding -- buy the darn stickers!!!

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