You aren't ready for this.

Watch as a soccer player kicks the ball into the face of different players on the opposing team.

Seriously, as the team attempts to defend the goal, the girl kicking the ball aims for the goal but ends up hitting another opposing player in the face.


You can see some of her teammates react to the accident, but another teammate then pursues the ball and that's when it happens AGAIN!

Yes, the soccer player attempting to score kicks the ball again, and this time it hits another player in the face.

It looked like they were dropping like flies but listen to the commentary here too. Did someone just shout "shake it off?"


If they tried to duplicate this, I don't think that they could. This is unreal and I'll admit it here that I have watched this video no less than 20 times.

I feel bad for all here, including the young lady who kicked the ball into the face of two opposing players. This is one soccer match they'll never forget.

Now attempt to watch this and not laugh at this mishap.

As you may expect, many have had LOTS to say about this video since it has gone viral and here are just a few comments that caught my attention after watching the video.

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