I've been hosting a sports radio show for 17 years.

In those 17 years, I've heard sports fans constantly utter the phrase, "The national media doesn't know anything about the Saints. It's embarrassing."

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I've always told fans to follow members of the media who cover the New Orleans Saints on a daily basis as opposed to a more notable national talking head that doesn't have enough time in the day to dedicate in depth analysis to 32 teams.

Most pay no heed to my advice, electing to continue allowing members of the national media to fuel them with rage.

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The other thing I tell Saints fans is that the 31 other fanbases in the NFL feel the same way about how the "national media" reports on their favorite team.

Former Saints head coach Sean Payton has never been shy about criticizing individuals in the world of sports, including member of the media.

Now that Payton is beginning his first season as an analyst for FOX, he's now be the target of fan vitriol directed at the "national media".

Payton made his TV debut over the weekend, working as an analyst for the preseason matchup between the Baltimore Ravens and Arizona Cardinals.

While Payton seemed comfortable in front of the camera, he had several takes that sent Ravens fans into a frenzy.

Payton's take on Lamar Jackson's health is misguided. Jackson has only missed 5 games in his career, with two of the missed contests being due to an illness as opposed to an injury.

Payton's comments about Jackson's health weren't the only snafu.

He also said Jackson was holding out until he got a contract extension, despite the fact Lamar has been practiced during training camp and never publicly stated he wouldn't play this season unless he signs a new deal.

Payton's takes on Jackson, as well as rookie tight end Isiah Likely didn't sit well with Baltimore fans.

Likely has been one of the biggest positives from Ravens camp, leaving no doubt as to whether he has a future on the active roster.

Overall, it was a difficult TV debut for Sean.

Payton didn't have any issues speaking in his debut. He put together coherent sentences and was easy to understand.

What's surprising is how ill prepared he was to discuss one of the teams involved in the game.

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