"Solar Roadways" are something that actually exist right now. They're aren't being implemented just yet, but they are a real thing that the human race has in our possession right now. After watching this video, I have to admit, my mind is all the way blown wide open, in a good way.

"Solar Roadways" are just what you think they are...roads made out of solar panels that collect the power of the sun to be used as energy. But, wait...that's only a FRACTION of what these things can do for us. Watch this video until the narrator says "That's where things get really interesting" and then get ready!

This isn't just some sort of hippie movement to save the planet. This is a human movement to save the world. To me, this just feels right. It feels like we should be doing this, and almost a little like we should have already BEEN doing this.

How awesome would it be during hurricane season here not having to worry about all the power lines getting mangled? With solar roadways, all of our power would be underground.

So you're saying, but Michael Scott, what about the oil and gas industry in Louisiana? I hear you loud and clear. Most of my best friends work in this industry that is so vital to Louisiana. To that I say...Hey Shell? Hey Chevron? Hey BP? Get cracking on being the companies that manufacture and sell these panels. Be the companies that employ the people who make, install and maintain them. Don't sit back and let someone else beat you at your own game.

So, I present to you the video of the invention that could change EVERYTHING.


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