The engineers at Sony have really created some marvelous gadgets over the past few decades. They have also had their share of products that people just didn't wrap their arms or open their wallets to. The Rolly appears to be one of those products. I have watched the video and the only use I can come up with for this amazing gadget is to torture my dog with it.

The Rolly uses six motors and some incredible software to turn sound in to light and motion. I guess if you smoked a lot of weed or drank more than the recommended dose of NyQuil this could be entertaining but other than that, I see absolutely no point in having one of these things.  It seems to me you could get the same effect by playing music and having mice in your home.

All this darn thing is going to do is keep you awake with the flashing lights and the constant scratching like cockroaches in a cereal box. I guess the folks at Sony won't be sending me a free one huh? Well that's my thoughts on the subject, do you see a real use for the Rolly? I might be missing the boat. In this case I think the boat is the Titanic so it's not a bad thing.

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