The secret is out.

Sophi P. Cakes has announced that it is closing its location on Johnston St. in Lafayette. The store will remain open through the month of April but will close the doors at the end of the month.

The owners tell the Advocate that they want their loyal customers to enjoy the sweets and sophisticated-to-punk cupcakes a bit longer, thus they will continue day-to-day operations through April.

Their farewell flavor tour will begin after Mardi Gras and take them through their final month of business.

The bakery opened in 2010, but it is not going to just end as some businesses have. The owners say that the "tour of flavors," which is highlighted HERE, will feature some of their personal favorites and best-selling cupcakes.

The owners say that while they may be closing the doors to Sophi P. Cakes, they are willing to sell the name of the business, along with recipes, if the right offer comes forth.

Source of story [ACADIANA ADVOCATE]

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