Southern Living Magazine is always reminding me why I loved growing up in the south, and continue to live here today. (hashtag Proud Southern Girl!)

Sometimes we forget that people who aren't from here don't always know what we're talking about. With that in mind, we are bringing you some of our favorite southern slang words and phrases, sugar. And be honest, how many of these do you use on a daily basis?!


  • Bless Your Heart - you are stupid and I don't have the heart to tell you
  • Y'all - everyone who's not a Yankee
  • Buggy - a shopping cart
  • Hissy Fit - major temper tantrum
  • Fixin' To - you are about to do something
  • Bad Mouth - trash talkin' someone
  • Three Sheets to the Wind - drunk
  • The Good Lord Willing and the Creek Don't Rise - hoping nothing will go wrong
  • Dickens - little rascal
  • Catty Corner - across the street
  • Yonder - over there
  • Reckon - I guess so
  • A Mind To - as in "I got a mind to whup you'
  • Ugly - one of my grandmother's favorites - to be rude or unkind
  • Mind Your Manners - be polite
  • Cute as a Button - adorable
  • Hold Your Horses - be patient
  • Fit to be Tied - upset or angry

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