There are apparently some issues in the St. Martinville Police Department and Chief Ricky Martin is taking action to settle those concerns. Chief Martin confirmed a report to KATC television late yesterday that a third employee of the St. Martinville Police Department had been placed on administrative leave.

According to reports, Chief Martin placed two of those employees on leave on Monday. That was reportedly in response to a criminal investigation involving some missing money. The third employee who was reported to be placed on leave yesterday was because of a sexual harassment claim.

The investigation into the criminal complaint involving the missing money actually started several weeks ago when several hundred dollars were reported missing from the department's property room. The money in question was not considered to be evidence but was part of a joint investigation between St. Martinville Police and the New Iberia Police Department.

In that particular case, the St. Martinville Sheriff's Department was called in to investigate the incident following an internal investigation by St. Martinville Police.  The investigation into both incidents is ongoing.


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