Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Walla Walla Public Library in Washington has been closed for months but has taken the opportunity to make some renovations in the meantime. As demolition crews got to work last week they found someone's secret stash of beer and gum that has stayed hidden for over 30 years.

CNN reports five full cans of Hamm’s beer and an opened pack of Godzilla Heads gum was found stashed behind a panel on some open-top shelving. The secret treasure had been there so long the bag the beer was in fully disintegrated.

After doing some investigation and noticing the beer didn't have any warning labels, the staff says the beer and gum have been hidden for a minimum of 30 years. Warning labels were not required on beer until the late 80s.

Library director Erin Wells tells CNN -

"It looked like somebody had just stashed it there and maybe thought they could get it later … but there was no way to get it out. There were probably six beers that they bought and there were only five that we found so they might not have been thinking straight when they did it.”

Whose stash of beer and gum could it have been? A library employee trying to keep the day interesting? Some teenage mischief?

The world may never know.

Read more at CNN.com.

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