If your travel plans include a cruise vacation at some time over the next several months you might want to reconsider. The United States Department of State has issued an advisory concerning travel by cruise ship. Their advice, don't go. At least not now.

The State Department and the Centers for Disease Control are specifically gearing their warnings to those individuals with underlying health concerns. Naturally, all of this has been brought about by the coronavirus or COVID-19 threat that is currently affecting more than 90 countries across the world.

The CDC guidance, in particular, cautions older travelers with underlying health risks to avoid situations that are often found on cruise ships. Those situations include crowded places and close in contact with people. The same can be said for airplanes and airports too.

Many of the major cruise lines and air carriers are working with guests to rebook or replan travel itinerary for later dates. It is suggested that you contact your air carrier, cruise line, or travel professional directly to see what precautions they are recommending and what options you might have should you feel the need to rebook your travel plans.

You can read the State Department's official statement on the situation here. You can monitor the latest developments on COVID-19 via the CDC website here.

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