On just about every inspection sticker I just went to look at in our parking lot, every one of them is peeling away from the windshield. It's a problem Louisiana motorists have been dealing with for past two to three years. State Police have just announced you can get your inspection sticker replaced free, and here's how.

If your inspection sticker is peeling or damaged, the stickers can be exchanged at any Motor Vehicle Inspection station in your area according to State Police.

If your inspection sticker is peeling, it is still valid, so that's good news. However, police say that you shouldn't attempt to tape it or glue it back to your windshield. As long as the sticker is still visible, it remains valid but if you're having issues with your sticker police urge you to have it replaced.

If you have any questions about replacing your defective sticker, you can contact OMV headquarters at (225) 925-6161. Motorists with issues relating to specific inspection stations can contact the Department of Public Safety MVI unit at (225) 925-6113 Ext: 205.

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