Just when you thought it was safe to go outside without a mask comes another story about the flu. The good news is this flu is not particularly a threat to humans, at least yet. However it could be devastating to Louisiana's poultry industry.

State Agriculture and Forestry Commissioner Dr. Mike Strain said ,

"And that is the H-5-N-2, not the type that humans normally get, which would be H-5-N-1."

This strain of avian flu has already appeared in several states including neighboring Arkansas. That is the reason the state has instituted a live poultry  quarantine to prevent the spread of this disease.

While this strain of influenza is not a particular threat to humans, officials did warn of contact with any sick or dead birds. Officials believe that the current steps that are being taken should be enough to not only keep the public safe but stop the spread of this illness into Louisiana's poultry industry.  Information from this report was compiled from a story published by the Louisiana Radio Network.

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