I want you to consider this fact for a second. The number of highway miles that is under the jurisdiction of Troop I of the Louisiana State Police is almost 8,600 miles of roadway. That's roughly the same distance as a round trip between Lafayette and Los Angeles California, twice.

Logistically there is no way those Troopers can cover all of those miles and that's why you are so important to their efforts. You see, law enforcement is as much about prevention as it is about detention. You talk to any member of law enforcement and they will gladly take preventing an issue over investigating and cleaning up after something has occurred.

One way you can help State Police and every law enforcement agency this holiday season is by being vigilant while you're on the road. Should you notice something that doesn't look right, a weaving motorist, an aggressive driver, a disabled vehicle, you can let State Troopers know directly from your mobile phone.

The number to dial is *LSP (*577). This will connect your mobile phone to the nearest State Police dispatch office. You can relay your information to the dispatcher and they will make sure the information is directed to a Trooper or local law enforcement agent in the area.

Of course, if the situation is an emergency then 911 is the number to call. However, for other roadway concerns *577 might be your best choice and the choice that first responders would want you to choose.

Traffic is expected to be quite heavy on Louisiana's roadways over the next several days. This is one way you can help expedite the safe travels for yourself and your family as well as the travels of people you don't even know.


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