In one single NFL play, Steve Gleason lifted the hopes of a hurricane-battered city and state in 2006. Gleason broke through the Atlanta Falcon's line and blocked a  punt that resulted in a touchdown for the Saints in their first game back in the 'Dome after Katrina. That moment has been immortalized as the "Rebirth" of the city. 

Now Gleason, who suffers from Lou Gherig's Disease wants to do something even more incredible. He has applied for a trip into space and he needs your help to get him there.

Gleason, whose physical skills have been diminished by his disease, has not let his inabilities become disabilities. He has travelled around the world and along the way has carried the spirit of New Orleans and Louisiana with him.

His proposed trip into space would be through the non-profit organization Space for Humanity. Their mission is to offer the opportunity for space travel to people who aren't astronauts.

According to the Space for Humanity website Gleason meets all of the criteria. He's over 18. He speaks English. He also has a strong desire to change the world. Your support of his YouTube video will only enhance his chances.

The finalist for the trip to the edge of space will be announced later this year From that point the group will conduct interviews and then award the trip into space after the interview process has been completed.

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