Chances are if you’ve ever been outside at dusk or near dawn during the summer months you’ve encountered a mosquito. They usually let you know they have paid you a visit by leaving an itchy whelp somewhere on your skin. For me, I usually get tagged on my lower legs because I am always wearing shorts or my forearms because my sleeves are short too. 

For the most part mosquito bites are just a mild inconvenience but you should be well aware of the real issues that bites from some of these pests can cause. That’s why so many states have Stop the Bite programs. I’d like to believe those programs are part of the reason that malariaencephalitis, and Zika Virus are not household words.  

But let’s not focus on the big health issues let's talk about the annoying side of the mosquito bite. The itching and scratching and sometimes in an inappropriate place on the body too. True, there are over the counter salves and solutions that you can use that do a fine job of reducing the discomfort. But, I am cheap and I don't want to have to put on pants just to go to the Walgreen's. 

I have personally tried most of these solutions as part of the scientific method but mostly because I just got bit and I wanted the itching to stop. I will say that in my experience some of these remedies do a better job than others. Your results may vary so try them at your own risk. And remember never let an internet article take the place of real medical advice. Your prognosis would just be fatal anyway.  

Gotta love the online medical sites right? Oh well, let's go old school. Here's our selections for mosquito bite itching abatement. Hey, I've tried most of these and I can say with some degree of confidence, they will do the trick. Even if the trick they do is only temporary.

10 Handy Home Remedies to Take the Itch Out of Mosquito Bites

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