We've all seen A&E's Storage Wars, right? You know, the show where folks bid on abandoned storage units so they can strike it rich with some rare, one-of-a-kind priceless item.

I am kind of a junky when it comes to this show and the bevy of other shows like it. I have seen every Storage Wars episode.

I have also heard the stories how the units are often "staged" for television and items even planted in a locker or two so there's more drama. One of the now former cast members of the show, David Hester, actually made those claims in a court of law and that litigation is still going on.

Now that you have a little background on the show and some of the controversy surrounding it, I am here to show you my visual proof that the show is rigged.

I was watching one of the afternoon marathons on A&E recently when one of the lockers was opened up and only a few items were in the room. Pretty much just a rocker and a few boxes. Things looked rather disheveled and uninteresting.

Some of the bidders like Barry Weiss and Darrell Sheets made the comments that the unit looked okay but nothing spectacular appeared to be in it. However, each noted that the boxes were "neatly packaged" and that if the owners of the unit took the time to nicely tape up their boxes, it could mean some nice merchandise inside.

But as I heard those comments of the locker I had just seen, things didn't add up in my brain.

Good thing for DVR! After seeing two different shots of the inside of the unit, I was quickly able to determine things had been indeed "doctored" for television. And the proof is in the pictures you see here.

A&E, you have been busted!!

Storage Wars After
Jude Walker's TV, Courtesy of Arts & Entertainment Television
Storage Wars After
Jude Walker's TV, Courtesy of Arts & Entertainment Television

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