We love how unique and fun our state is. But let's be honest, you can always spot someone who's not actually from here by the way they pronounce certain things. Try asking someone from New York how to say Atchafalaya, Schexnayder, or boudin. Not happening.

Only in Louisiana has found some incredibly awesome street names throughout the state that might seem a little strange, even though you might have heard of them your whole life. Hey, it's Louisiana, it's what makes us....us.


  • Candy Queen Lane - Monroe
  • Bozo Road - Lake Charles
  • Mystery Street - New Orleans
  • Birdnest Cemetary Road - Lake Charles
  • Fulwar Skipwith Road - Baton Rouge
  • Bruyninckx Road - Alexandria
  • Bold Venture Road - Shreveport
  • Burning Tree Drive - Shreveport
  • Bacon Street - Alexandria
  • Desire Street - New Orleans
  • Lovelady Road - Monroe
  • Tchoupitoulas Street - New Orleans
  • Big Diamond Disposal Road - Lake Charles
  • Blanchard Latex Road - Shreveport

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