Has cabin fever already set in for the people of western New York? Late in yesterday's NFL game between the Buffalo Bills and the New Orleans Saints a likely intoxicated fan took to the field to express himself.

We aren't totally sure which team he was actually cheering for since he wasn't wearing a uniform. In fact, he wasn't wearing anything. We speculate he was a Bills' fan because portions of his person did have a bit of a blue tint to them. We aren't sure if that's part of his fandom or just the cold weather.

Temperatures in the Buffalo area around that time in the game were in the upper 30's so we can only speculate he had imbibed some organic antifreeze from the concession stand or a flask he might have snuck into the stadium.

The streaker actually outgained the Buffalo offense which looked absolutely pathetic against the Saints. He actually got into the end zone before the Bills' offense did. There is a rumor that the team might sign this young man as soon as he is out of jail.

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