There are now new laws in place for bars in Maurice designed to make things safer and reduce fights, stop underage drinking and stop people from getting hit by cars. However, some bar owners say these laws won't work.

In Maurice, it is now illegal to enter a bar under the age of 21 or have alcohol in the parking lot of a business.

Maurice police chief Warren Rost tells KATC they've received numerous calls recently about problems at Bar 167. Rost says "A lot of them were under the age of 21, we've been having issues with trouble, fights things of that nature, overcrowding. a lot of it was the congregation, half of them wouldn't even go in the establishment. They'd come here and hang in the parking lots and that's where trouble would start".

The owner of Bar 167 says these issues aren't happening in his parking lot.

Bother owners of Bar 167 and City Bar tell KATC the real problem is that the current laws in place aren't being enforced.

Matthew Trahan, one of the City Bar owners tell KATC "I personally think that we have changed this law so many times that it just continues and if we enforce the laws that we have, everything would be a whole lot better. So I'm asking you not to vote for it and not to pass it"

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