A horrifying moment was caught on camera as two restaurant employees were sent flying through the air by strong winds as they tried to hold on to their event tent.

Yesterday evening (08/21/19) Esso Club employees were setting up for an event when strong storms started rolling through Ckemsonc, NC. All of a sudden the strong storm winds began to pick up a large tent that had been set up for the event. Two employees attempted to grab the tent to try and stop it from becoming airborne and were both were sent flying through the air.

One employee, Samuel Foster, was thrown over 20-feet into the air.

From knoe.com -

"One woman was dragged several feet into the air and slammed with a table, knocking her to the ground. Another employee, Samuel Foster, was lifted well above the roof and thrown into the side of the building, hitting the gutter and landing hard."

Thankfully, both employees are OK and are recovering from their injuries.

I say with that kind of quick thinking and dedication, they both deserve a fat raise!



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