Now that the scorching hot weather is here in Louisiana, it's time to do some checkups on things that might need a little maintenance around your home. In addition to your air conditioner, lawn mower and car, you need to make sure your home electricity is ready for the added strain of summer heat.

The Weather Channel has some great advice on what to check for, to make sure your home's electricity is safe. Maintenance is key, so we are going to list a couple of basic things you need to summer proof below. Some of them might need a professional, and some are just things you can do yourself. Be careful, y'all, and have a great rest of the summer!

  • Make sure your home has surge protectors - this is to protect you from lightning strikes that will shut the whole she-bang down. And we're not talking about a power strip, but a real surge protector. And FYI - appliances can send surges every time you use them, so this is critical to get.
  • Look at your electrical panel - you don't want cracks, water damage, or burn marks.You need a professional for this task, and don't try to wing it yourself.
  • Check your outlets - look for burn marks, or if you hear a pop when you plug something in, call a professional. You probably have a loose connection, and that is very dangerous. Don't ever overload an outlet.
  • Back to the Basics - electrical safety can be as simple as putting covers on outlets if you have little ones, childproof everything, and get rid of the massive amount of extension cords you have hanging around. Common sense, people!
  • Light Fixtures - make sure you are using the recommended bulb type for the fixture, and never exceed the recommended wattage.
  • Ceiling Fans - if yours wobbles, it is probably installed on an electrical box that doesn't support it. Also look for loose, damaged, or missing hardware.


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