Got an extra five million dollars? Then you can buy one of the ten :30 commercial slots left for Super Bowl 52. Yes, that's five million. Wowser!

The Super Bowl had 111.3 million viewers last year, but viewership has been down this year for regular NFL games. The Super Bowl seems bullet proof though, and people love to actually sit and watch some of the most fun and creative commercials done in the entire year.

Ad Meter, which rates the commercials, and how popular they are every year, will have a re cap right after the game is played, and they are usually pretty spot on, as far as the general public goes.

Super Bowl 52 will air on February 4th on NBC at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota with the Philadelphia Eagles taking on the New England Patriots. Pink will sing the national Anthem, and Justin Timberlake will perform the halftime show.

A couple of my favorites from years past are below, and as awesome as they are, they didn't come anywhere close to costing $5 million dollars to air.

Ali Landry, Doritos, 1994


Tabasco, 1998


Farrah Faucet and Joe Namath, Noxema, 1974

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