As an avid fan of "The Walking Dead", I've often wondered how many people are actually alive in the world after the zombie apocalypse has taken hold. We see new characters pop up on the show from time to time, but it's usually only a handful at a time. I've also wondered what year the show is taking place. When "Fear The Walking Dead" premiered last year, the show gave us a pretty good idea of a time stamp, but as far as figuring out the post zombie apocalypse global population of "The Walking Dead", I just don't math well enough. Luckily super-fan Matt Lieberman has the skills and the time that I don't, and he's got a pretty good handle on figuring this out.

Leiberman uses information from both "The Walking Dead" and "Fear The Walking Dead" in addition to "The Walking Dead" comic book to arrive at his final answer.

Paints a pretty bleak picture of exactly what kind of world Rick and the gang are dealing with, right?

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