For some it's traditional medicine being embraced by modern medical ideas. For others it is a Pandora's box of uncertainty. One thing is for sure the idea of using marijuana for its medical benefits is one that is growing in acceptance across the country and in Louisiana.

A recent survey across our state conducted by the Louisiana Cannabis Association found that 72% of respondents were in support of using marijuana in medicinal applications. Those who tout marijuana as a medical treatment say that it can help relieve pain for people who suffer from different diseases, like cancer and HIV.

Any relief that you can proved that person is worth it because they’re going through something that a healthy person can’t understand.

Those are the comments of Jesse McCormick as reported to the Louisiana Radio Network. Mr. McCormick is President of the Louisiana Cannabis Association.

Already 24 states in the country have made medical marijuana legal. McCormick says that more than half of the respondents in that recent survey said they would support taxing the drug.

There’s also 56% of them who don’t have a problem with taxing it and benefiting from it, and we thought that was pretty eye-opening.

Just to be clear, the survey was made of 600 registered voters across the state. It was performed by the JMC Analytics and Polling. The survey was conducted via telephone.

The current session of the legislature is debating medical marijuana. Among the contentious subjects surround medical marijuana are how would it be produced and who would produce it. Also how the drug would be regulated and prescribed is still being debated.