We all know how unique Louisiana is compared to the rest of the U.S., but there are actually a few things about our incredible state you may not know, even if you're born and raised here.

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Our state has such a rich and unique history, that no matter how much you might know, you can always learn new things about Louisiana.

Sure, there are the things we all know like, Louisiana has the tallest state capitol building in the U.S., how Louisiana is the only state with Parishes, Louisiana is the only state that still operates under the Napoleonic Code, etc.

But, what about the really interesting, sometimes strange things about Louisiana that even 5th, 6th generation Louisianian's don't even know?

Onlyinyourstate.com has done a deep dive, searching in every nook and educational cranny to find a few fairly unknown facts about Louisiana that you probably didn't know about.


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Louisiana Has The Only Cemetery That Faces North-South Rather Than East-West

Were you even aware that just about every cemetery faces east-west? Cemeteries are made facing east-west "to symbolize the beginning of life with the rising of the sun and the end of life with the setting of the sun."

Ok, you may have already known that, but did you know that the only cemetery known to face north-south is St. Joseph’s Cemetery in Rayne, Louisiana?

No one really knows why St. Joseph's Cemetery was built north-south, but the general consensus is that the gravedigger messed up with the first grave that was dug and just went with it after that.

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Morgan City, Louisiana Is Home To The Largest Heliport In The World

There are a total of 46 helipads in Morgan City, the most anywhere in the world. Obviously, Louisiana's oil industry has a lot to do with it, as the majority of the helipads support offshore oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico.

There are many different companies with helipads in Morgan City, like Shell Morgan City Heliport, Texaco Heliport, Lakewood Hospital Heliport, and many more.

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Louisiana's Official State Drink Is Milk

Here's one you may have known, but you'd be surprised how many people aren't aware that Milk is the official drink of Louisiana.

I'm not talking about milk with vodka in it, just good ole plain milk.

With Louisiana known around the world for our partying, laid-back lifestyle, you might think our official drink would be something that reflects that, but not so.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Natchitoches is the oldest town in Louisiana

This is another you might have already known. When you think about the oldest town in Louisiana, many people obviously think of New Orleans. You have to go north to find the correct answer.

Established in 1714, Natchitoches was officially incorporated on February 5, 1819.

From wikipedia.com -

"The City of Natchitoches was incorporated on February 5, 1819, after Louisiana had become a state in 1812. It is the oldest permanent settlement in the land acquired by the Louisiana Purchase."

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The Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo Is The Oldest Fishing Tournament In The U.S.

Established in 1928, The Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo is officially the oldest fishing tournament in the United States.

Side note, my father actually won The Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo in the early 80s.

A few bonus Louisiana factoids -

Baton Rouge is the only site of the American Revolution Battle that was fought outside the original 13 colonies.

The Mardi Gras colors purple, green, and gold represent justice (purple), faith (green), and power (gold).

Delta Airlines began in Monroe.

The 2nd oldest food trademark in the United States is held by Mcilhenny Co. Tobacco Sauce.

You can read more surprising things you may not know about Louisiana over at onlyinyourstate.com.

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