When I hear the words Swamp Pop, I think of my friend Boo Boo who does the Saturday afternoon show on KROF. Swamp Pop brings to mind Cookie and the Cupcakes, Rod Bernard, Johnnie Allan and T.K. Hulin among the many. The Swamp Pop sound was just one of the rich flavors that combine to make up the musical buffet that is South Louisiana.

A couple of Louisiana entrepreneurs have taken the name "swamp pop" and turned it into a brand of soft drink. Swamp Pop Soda is marketed as great flavors of South Louisiana sweetened with cane sugar. The flavors the company produces include Noble Cane Cola, Satsuma Fizz,Praline Cream Soda and Jean Lafitte Ginger Ale.


Co-creator John Peterson says he and his best friend Collin Cormier wanted to make a drink that would bring them back to their days growing up in south Louisiana. They were looking for flavors that combined the culture, the chemistry and heritage of the area.  The unique flavors are not only good straight up and over ice but according the creators they make a great mixer too.
Swamp Pop is available in several stores and restaurants in the Lafayette area. I have yet to sample any of their flavors but I must admit anything with praline in the name intrigues me greatly.

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