Brett Favre

Brett Favre NOT Retiring?
Here we go....This constant year after year, back and forth, is he or isn't he retiring is giving me whiplash! So far no crying at a press conference (today)...but that could all be a moot point if the NFL can't unlock the lockout. Just in case this gets resolved in the next couple of days…
Brett Favre Retires…Again
I think we may have heard this story before, Brett Favre says he is quitting football. Well maybe this time he means it. I guess time will tell. He sure has been fun to watch over the years. Except when he is making retirement speeches or throwing winning touchdowns against teams I like. I remember …
Favre’s New Job!
My brother has been a huge Brett Favre fan since before I was born, and I have picked a little Favre up along the way..but sometimes you just have to give up one dream and pursue another one!  Dancing!