Texas Fertilizer Plant Explodes; Mass Injuries Reported
An explosion in West, TX, just outside of Waco, spread fires across multiple buildings and injured an unknown number of people earlier tonight.
The explosion occurred at the West Fertilizer Plant shortly before 8 PM CT.
A large number of people have been reported injured, though the number of those ki…
Fertilizer Plant Explosion
The town of West, Texas -- 20 miles north of Waco -- was shaken by devastation Wednesday night (April 17) when a massive explosion occurred at a fertilizer plant around 7:50PM local time.
Firecracker In A Balloon [Video]
Here in South Louisiana science plays a big part in what we do. I know we are famous for our food but our other big industries require a lot scientific know how. Where would we be with out scientist in our oil and gas production companies. Or how about the thousands of people that make a living in …
Anvil Blown 200ft In The Air [Video]
If you subscribe to the Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus theory made popular in the bookstores then this video is either very interesting to you or very stupid to you. The men will find it fascinating and fun and the women will not see the point.
Pumpkin Carving With Explosives In School [Video]
If I had a teacher like this teaching me chemistry I probably wouldn't have slept as well as I did. This teacher uses the universal theme of pumpkin carving on Halloween and combines it with every kids favorite thing, explosives! This is a really neat demonstration and I bet the kids that were …

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