'Friends' Reunion Never Happening, Says Series Creator
The Age of Revivals spurred along by the likes of Netflix’s Fuller House or whatever NBC drags out of the dumpster next has many hopeful that Friends will finally get its oft-discussed reunion. Nope! Co-creator Marta Kauffman bluntly states “reunions suck,” at last putting an en…
5 Simple Things You Can Do Today To Live Longer
I probably should have titled this piece 5 simple things you forgot about doing and that's why you're going to wake up dead sooner than you want to. I didn't call it that because it would confuse the entire Internet and there are actually a few more than 5 things you can do.
Man’s Best Friend Is A Duck? [Video]
Well we've all seen dogs that can surf, rescue Timmy from a well and play poker but how about a duck? If you were to ask this particular British gentleman he would tell you it's not a dog that is his best friend, it's his duck. I see an insurance commercial in his future...
Crazy Quiz Answer
Might come as a shock to you but ," A recent survey of boys 10-17 found that 23% met their most current friends in a