gus kattengell

Last Bolt of Hope?
It’s do or die time for the Saints as for the second straight season the Black and Gold are heading into the fourth game of the season without having won a game.
Panthers vs Saints
While the 2015 season may be over for the Saints and any playoff aspirations, knocking off the unbeaten Carolina Panthers would be just fine with members of the Who Dat Nation.
Saints vs Eagles
I can’t think of a week in which there is so much of it at such contrasting styles. The Saints enter week 5 coming off of a prime time win in a manner that QB Drew Brees said was a character building one for the team. Philadelphia on the other hand is 1-3 following a division loss and fans want their head coach’s head on a platter, and national media are penning columns about how their needs to be a change at quarterback.

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