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IceGators Lose Season Finale, Clinch #2 Seed In Playoffs
Pensacola, Florida--If anyone ever needs proof of Murphy’s Law, he can look at the game film of the Louisiana IceGators season finale.  Everything that could have gone wrong for the IceGators Sunday afternoon went wrong.  Single-digit shot totals in the first two periods, faltering special teams uni…
9 Year Old Hockey Player Starts Fight [Video]
Hockey is a really fun game.  Have you ever played hockey or been to a game?  Well, then you know what happens at professional Ice Hockey games!  Fights, fights and more fights. But it is making an appearance in little league hockey too.
Bruce’s AMAZING 7:30 Video: Ice Gators Sign Him Up!
Okay this was pure luck but who wouldn't want to be lucky rather than good when 50-Thousand dollars is on the line. Unfortunately the guy was infront of the red line that he was supposed to be behind to get credit for making the shot. Since the shot was for charity, the owner of the Indiana Ice…