Customer Service Japanese Style [Video]
Japanese customer service is a lot different than American customer service that's for sure. While many companies in our country say they offer great customer service, compared to the Japanese we are woefully lacking.
Why Traffic Jams For Particular Reason [Video]
It's a beautiful day for driving, traffic is flowing smoothly and then suddenly  you are forced to come to a screeching halt. For the next several minutes traffic crawls at a snails pace and then suddenly you break into the clear. You look around, you wonder to yourself, "why did …
Being Fat Is Now Illegal [Video]
Suddenly we are a nation of outlaws.To be truthful if we wanted to cut down on health care cost in this country we would have similar legislation and smoking would be against the law too. However, this is America and I do believe we have the right be as healthy or unhealthy as we choose to be.

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