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Remember Who Country Music’s First Reality TV Show Winner Was?
Before there was Scotty McCreery, Carrie Underwood or even Kelly Clarkson, another country act got a start on a television singing competition. Ed McMahon's 'Star Search' named its first Vocal Group winner in 1983, and helped launch the career of a pack of hitmakers as reliable as any in the early to mid-90s.
Crazy Strange Japanese Reality Show [Video]
There is a new reality show across the Pacific looks to be pretty interesting. I am not sure what it is called but I am guessing it must be " If You Don't Die, You Win". Based upon this short clip, it looks to be pretty intense.
‘The Price is Right’ to Add Male Display Models
Haven’t you ever been groggily watching ‘The Price is Right’ one morning, only to find yourself thinking, “boy, that reasonably priced set of crystal stemware would seem more obtainable if it were presented by a handsome chap, rather than this distractingly attractive gal?”  Word for word, you say?  Well, good news everyone!  ‘The Price is Right’ is about to become equal opportunity, and you could
CNN Looking To Reality TV and Late-Night Talk Shows. Oh Joy.
Understandably, all TV networks have to adapt to keep pace with a changing landscape.  Just a few short years ago, we relied on The History Channel for educational programming rather than extra-terrestrial conspiracy theorists and original series, and now it seems that the notoriously stagnant CNN is looking to shake up its image in the coming years as well.  Just what do they have in mind, and wh
Olympics 2012 Athlete Ryan Lochte Could Be the Next Reality TV Star
Now, there isn’t necessarily a correlation between those tuning into the 2012 Olympics, and those who watch reality TV, but it’s no secret that the more public attention one attracts the more likely people are going to try every means of capitalizing on their fame. Gold Medal-winning swimmer (and admitted pool-peer) Ryan Lochte has certainly attracted his fair share of attention outside of his ath
Reality TV Beauty Queen Arrested For Prostitution
Alicia Guastaferro is notorious for being one of the least likable reality TV stars of all time (which is saying something considering the competition). In a 2008 appearance on ‘Wife Swap’ she was spoiled by her parents who leave their Christmas tree up all year and shower her daily with gifts (during the show she received a Chevy Tahoe as one present). Later, the local beauty queen would tell the

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