Eat Lafayette – Tsunami [Video]
One of the best things going for Lafayette is the fact that we have the best restaurants in the world! The Eat Lafayette campaign continues on now through August 15th and it highlights the locally owned restaurants in the Hub City.
Dog Found Drifting At Sea On Island Of Debris Reunited With Owner
The tragedy in Japan has brought many stories, most of them heart wrenching and painful. This is a follow up on a story we brought you just the other day about a dog adrift on an island of debris. You would think that in itself would be a happy ending, the good news, it gets happier. I hope your heart smiles when you see the joyful reunion between lost dog and her human.
Acadiana’s First Choice For A First Date, What Would You Choose?
We posed the question and you responded, Where is the best place to go on a first date? The answers took us all over Acadiana, from sushi downtown at Tsunami,to McGee's Landing out on the basin. Hibachi from Tokyo Live received quite a few recommendations as well. There were those that factored in budget, for example the two for one margarita's at Chili's and then those that opted for an even simp
Live Coverage of the Tsunami
What a crazy morning in Japan and Hawaii and now in other parts including the west coast of the U.S. Here's a live stream of CBS' coverage from Hawaii of the earthquakes and tsunamis.