4,500 Tangipahoa Parish parents have signed an online petition to present to the school board asking to push the start of the school year back until after Labor Day because they say it's just too hot.

The parents are concerned for the safety of their kids in this heat, and say P.E., school buses, recess and other activities could be dangerous. A couple of Tangipahoa Parish mothers had this idea out of concern for their kid's safety, and quickly found out thousands of other parents have the same concerns.

It's not very often when you find something that so many people get behind," said Jennifer Slocum, a mother of 6. "Usually you have so many people no, yes, no, different opinions. This one has been overwhelmingly, we need this.


The parents will be presenting the petition to the school board tonight. They say win or lose, they just want their voices and concerns to be heard.

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