There's an old saying that goes "what you think about you bring about". Small business owners across the nation are hoping that their thoughts of better days and better times will turn into reality.

The National Federation of Independent Business, the Voice of Small Business in America, is suggesting that optimism about the nation and its economy are at a level not seen since the Regan administration. The NFIB says all of those good thoughts for better days are because of proposed changes in the nation's tax code.

Specifically, the NFIB suggests that the simplification of the tax code and taxing businesses at lower rates are driving the positive vibe. In fact, a recent NFIB report said that taxes were the biggest concern of most small business owners. They put that ahead of finding qualified employees.

Currently, the Senate and House are working on a compromise plan that would provide tax reform for business owners. Most small business people concur that a reduction in the tax burden would free up their capital to invest in more employees, business expansion, and a greater inventory.

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