Taylor Swift is perhaps best known for singing about one topic from a variety of angles: love. And while she admits that this is true, the multi-Grammy Award-winning starlet is quick to declare that she’s perfectly content to go stag for a while.

“I’m actually really good at being single,” Swift told Access Hollywood in a recent interview. “As much as I love to complain about it, I’m actually very independent and I’m fine. I’m really good by myself … But I do love to complain about being single, even though I’m really I’m fine with it.” It’s not that Swift hasn’t dated. She has. It’s just that whenever she gets paired with this or that male celeb (John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal, Joe Jonas), it’s right in the public eye. Heck, even when she’s not dating someone rumors tend to fly.

Talking to ‘Today’ (see clip below), Swift says the past two years have been incredible for her because of the freedom they have afforded her. “Twenty-one and twenty-two have been great as far as loving to live alone and loving the independence and traveling the world,” she gushes. “I’m kind of in this adventurous phase right now where I’ll just go out by myself and see where the day takes me. I think I’ve realized that, in my life, to be inspired to write music you have to have a life to write about.” But what about when that life means she becomes the topic of headlines about dating guys she’s not?

“I’ve just kind of come to terms with the fact that that comes along with the life that I’ve chosen,” she says casually. “I absolutely love making music and getting to do wonderful things … and there’s a price that comes with everything good in your life.” When asked whether or not she’s actually dating ‘The Lorax’ costar Zac Efron, Swift laughs it off good-naturedly: “I’m not – no – we’re friends.”

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