Taylor Swift's 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' has been getting a lot of attention. But perhaps the most eye-raising use of the popular debut single from 'Red' tune is that it's currently being used as the 'official' song of the NHL lockout.

Actually, maybe a breakup song is the perfect way to describe the NHL lockout. The lockout began on September 16 when, after the league's existing collective bargain agreement expired, team owners and players couldn't agree on new terms. Fed up with negotiating, NHL team owners declared a lockout, which threatens to cancel the entire 2012-13 hockey season.

Fueled by the jeopardized hockey season, a group of fans released their anger by making a spoof video of Swift's 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,' cleverly changing the lyrics to make the song apply to the NHL lockout.

"I remember when you broke up the first time / The players and the owners had enough / Because you were only making like a billion bucks..." the song starts out, using the lyrics "Are you ever, ever, ever getting back together?" to make the chorus work.

Even better than the clever song lyrics which make up the NHL lockout song is the video. With shots of hockey players getting manicures and eating ice cream to soothe their worried minds, it's hard not to laugh at the clip.

As funny as the song is, chances are, it won't help NHL team owners and players come to an agreement any sooner. But at least hockey fans can console their sadness with the hilarity!

Watch the 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' Spoofed NHL Lockout Video

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