How many times have you heard a youngster say something you have never heard before and you get that look on your face like 'Ummmm WHAT'?

Don't worry, I'm 22 years old and still have trouble figuring out what most of the modern day slang means. You know, the terms like 'bae' and 'perf' or even 'sorry not sorry'. Yes, they do have meanings.

Welcome to Modern Slang 101 with Professor Terryn. Here we go:


  • 'Bae': another term for baby, it refers to someone's significant other
    • My meaning for it is 'Bacon and Eggs'
  • 'Perf': it is simply an abbreviated version of perfect
  • 'Sorry Not Sorry': this is pretty much a fake apology; means that you will do/say something you really aren't sorry for
  • 'TBH': means 'to be honest'
  • 'I Can't Even': it is a phrase of exasperation; if you use it, you are meaning that you can't deal with the current situation
  • 'Fleek': when something is 'on fleek', it is on point or looks perfect
  • 'Clutch': this is basically the same thing as saying something/someone is awesome or has what it takes to get the job done
    • I will admit that I had to look this one up
  • 'Basic': sounds normal, but really isn't (of course); if someone says you are basic, they mean that you are lame or nothing special
  • 'Turnt'/'Lit': they simply mean that someone/a place is having fun or getting crazy
  • 'Doe': no this is not the animal; it is slang for the world though
  • 'Sips Tea': this goes along with the Kermit the Frog meme on the internet; that isn't any of my business
  • 'Squad': your significant group of friends
  • 'No Chill': if you tell this to someone, you are saying that they need to calm down
  • 'Going Ham': this is when someone is going crazy, but in a good way

Congratulations! You all received an A+!


Okay, you can now take a mental break. I know, that was quite a bit to take in. However, I felt it was necessary to inform you that the youngsters of today are not speaking a new language.

I will be the first to say that there are a few of these terms and phrases that I have heard but had no idea what they meant.

Now go out into the world and never use any of these phrases!