Family, they are unsung heroes of our lives. They are there to take credit for your successes and always ready to say I told you so when you fail. Nah, I'm just kidding. Family is the glue that helps to hold our lives together. Family issues can also rip the holidays apart at the seams.

It is round the holidays, like Thanksgiving, we realize what family really means. We also realize why we don't associate with all of our family members more than once a year.

The subject of this video is wild about sponges. I am guessing this clip is and edit version of a sponge painting, arts and crafts video. It is the enthusiasm for such a mundane product that makes me smile. We all have a relative that is coming over for Thanksgiving that is way deep into nothing special and they can't wait to tell you about it. Watch the clip and see if you don't see any of your family portrayed.

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