Ronda Rousey is a tough chick. I don't think she is mean, I think she is like a lot of women, very tough. Ronda's toughness is manifest in both physical and mental ways. The MMA Champ is not only gifted physically, she is gifted mentally too. She is a great thinker, tactician , and she is very well spoken.  You might think it would be pretty neat to be famous, tough, and attractive. But as Ronda explained to ESPN's Dan Le Batard even with all that going for her she still has her share of trouble.

Ronda describes an event in which she and some friends were watching a movie. Their night at the movie was interrupted by the kind of people I would say inhabit the Jersey Shore or at least the TV show of the same name.

These n'er do wells and their girlfriends thought it would be fun to be rude to Ronda. Ms Rousey finished the night with a lesson in manners. Let's just say she put a whuppin so bad on a group of guys that the only way they could think of to retain a small portion of their man card was to bring charges against Ronda.

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